Hemp Oil V’s CBD Oil

“So are Hemp Oil & CBD Oil the same thing?” - probably one of the most asked questions, and one that is actually tricky to answer. Quite simply however, no they are not the same thing.

Although Hemp Oil has been around for a number of years, CBD products have only been making their way into the mainstream in recent years with more people choosing to try natural alternatives. However with more people choosing to use CBD, it quickly became apparent that there was a need to distinguish between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil.

Why the confusion?

Well, firstly Hemp oil and CBD oil both come from the same plant (in most cases), so straight away you can see the complexity here! One thing to be aware of is that CBD oil can not only be made from the Hemp plant, but it can also be extracted from the ‘Marijuana’ plant. Hemp and Marijuana are actually both part of the Cannabis family - but that’s a blog for another time.

However CBD from the Marijuana plant is only available (currently) if you have a prescription from a Doctor in very rare cases. Therefore you won’t find this type of CBD oil in heath shops or online.

Now you know that CBD oil comes from Hemp in the majority of cases, it is reasonable to see why referring to CBD as ‘Hemp Oil’ is not entirely incorrect, however it is misleading and some companies actually intend this to be the case - not exactly playing fair!

Companies are motivated to mislead their customers due to the fact that the demand and popularity of CBD has exploded in the past few years, and people want to get their hands on it more than ever before. That’s why companies selling just plain ‘Hemp Oil’ have been tempted to play around with the wording of their products to shift people’s perception of the product to think that it’s actually CBD oil. This also applies to companies that sell on Amazon for example, since their policy prevents the sale of true CBD oil, sellers will ‘market’ their hemp oil products (which can be legally sold) as CBD products instead.

So if you’ve previously been confused about any of what we’ve mentioned, don’t worry you’re certainly not alone!

What actually IS the difference?

Yes, both come from the same plant - but different parts of the plant.

Typically, Hemp Oil is made from the seeds of the Hemp plant.

CBD Oil is made from the stalks, leaves and / or flowers.

Very similar we know, but whereas the stalks, leaves and flowers all contain resin, the seeds do not.

CBD itself is a chemical compound that is found within this resin secreted by the stalks, leaves and flowers. Therefore since the seeds have no resin, they do not contain any CBD.

So, along with us you might think it would be better to refer to Hemp Oil as “Hemp Seed Oil” - and you’d be right to think that! Many brands do in fact label their products like this, however some do not. This goes back to what we were saying earlier about some of the intentional deception in the market.

The effects of Hemp Oil and CBD Oil are different as well. This could be another blog in itself but essentially they have different properties and therefore produce different effects. For example, eating fresh fruit is considered a ‘healthy thing to do’, whereas chomping down a whole bag of fruit gummies might not be in the best interest for your health - but it would be quite delicious!

Hemp oil is much less costly than CBD oil, mostly due to the fact that the process of extracting CBD is quite complicated and usually involves some highly specialised equipment. Whereas producing Hemp Oil from the seeds is much easier and quicker - meaning it costs less.

You can find Hemp Oil for as little as £1 per fluid ounce , whereas some CBD oils sell for upwards of £50 per ounce - so usually this is a good way to tell the difference. If you’re seeing a product that is marketed as ‘CBD’ but it appears too cheap to be true, it probably is!

Why would you use Hemp Oil?

Don’t get us wrong, Hemp Oil is wonderfully useful and versatile, with people using it regularly for all sorts of things. It’s quite a popular addition in cooking due to the fact it contains good levels of essential fatty acids - such as omega 3 & 6. People also use Hemp Oil for their skincare routine in some cases. Research has shown that Hemp Oil is very hydrating for your skin, and as we all know healthy moisturised skin helps stave off the wrinkles and signs of aging that we all fear.

So which one is better?

Again, this is tricky and largely depends on what you want to use it for. Consider Hemp Oil for things like dry or cracked skin in smaller areas of the body like lips or feet. However if you’re looking to ease aches and pain in joints and muscles as a result of working out, then a CBD muscle rub or topical might be a better option.

This is because CBD will be more effective at managing your symptoms than Hemp Oil by itself. Plus, using CBD topicals to massage whole muscles or joints will mean that more CBD will be applied and absorbed into that area - the more you use, the greater the efficacy.

As you can see, this topic is more in depth than simply differences and similarities, however we hope we have provided some useful information and context that can help you spot the differences and decide which product would be best for you.

If you have any other questions do drop us an email and we’ll come straight back to you.