Full spectrum, broad spectrum and the entourage effect.

CBD has boomed onto the market seemingly out of nowhere and whilst this has largely been taken as a positive step in the right direction, it has also led to a lot of confusion particularly for those new to the various products available. Hopefully we can help set a few things straight for you, or at the very least give you an interesting read.

One of the biggest areas of confusion is around the varying types of CBD and the differences between them. CBD can come in many forms, however, if you don’t know what type of CBD is best for you, you won’t know where to start and that can be daunting.

There are essentially 3 different varieties of CBD:

Full spectrum - all cannabinoids (THC <0.2%)
Broad spectrum - all cannabinoids (THC 0%)
CBD isolate - CBD only. No other cannabinoids

(Cannabinoids is the name for all of the different natural compounds found in the Cannabis plant).

Each of these 3 types of CBD can have similar benefits, however there are some subtle differences. Hopefully a little more knowledge will help you identify the best products for you.

This means that the extracted oil will contain all of the different cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. CBD is one of these (100+) cannabinoids and one of the most prevalent, however others are present as well. The percentage of the THC cannabinoid contained in FULL SPECTRUM oil is so low it will NOT be enough to have any effect. The THC level in full spectrum oil is usually below 0.2%, which falls in line with UK law. FULL SPECTRUM oils with less than 0.2% THC are fully compliant.

This means that the extracted oil will contain all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant, but with the THC completely removed. The level of THC in Broad Spectrum oils is usually 0%.

So, this is similar to FULL SPECTRUM oil, however with the key difference being that there is absolutely no THC. But you still get the benefits of having the other cannabinoids present.

This means that the extracted oil will contain ONLY CBD. All other cannabinoids are removed from CBD isolate and so you will be getting the pure effects of CBD without any other cannabinoids present.

The entourage effect is the way in which the various cannabinoids in a full or broad spectrum CBD oil combine to produce a more beneficial effect than the individual components would on their own.

CBD Isolate has no entourage effect whereas both broad & full spectrum CBD will have an entourage effect.

At SativumCBD we carry a range of full & broad spectrum CBD products in stock. If you’re not sure what is right for you we’re very happy to help. Send us an email and we’ll try and guide you to the most suitable product for you.